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Top Ways to Improve Your Credit Score and Purchase Your Home

Top Ways to Improve Your Credit Score and Purchase Your Home
Something that can harm most first time home buyers, or any home buyer, is a poor credit score! A credit score is three little numbers with a big meaning.

Most people don’t give their credit score a second thought until they need to make a significant purchase where a loan is required. In most cases, these loans are for homes, the largest investment most people every make. Rather than letting a bad credit score keep you from buying your home, try these seven tips to start improving your credit score today.

When it comes to financing, a low credit score could cause:
    • Higher interest rates
    • More time needed to approve
    • Require more proof of income
    • Need to have a bigger down payment
    • Option of no financing at all

Don’t get caught in the stress of trying to buy a home with bad credit… start improving your credit today with these 7 tips.
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Damian Agudo

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